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NelsonsOnline provides a complete pack of online documents that can help you with your personal financial life, including claiming back bank charges, credit rating repair, improving your credit rating, unauthorised cashpoint withdrawals, and identify theft issues.

Our banking charges pack can help you to reclaim unfair bank charges. It asks the bank to repay in full any unfair bank charges that have been applied to your account. Our credit issues pack contains documents for you to start the repair process, and to report to credit card companies if you feel your account has been accessed without your permission

Make a start now and see how NelsonsOnline can help you take control of your finances.

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This product is supplied so that you can complete it yourself and has no legal support. Your document will instantly draft itself on screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

Why not try before you buy? Select the document you are interested in from the choices below, answer the straightforward questions and you will see the document being created onscreen. If you like what you see, simply pay the fixed fee and complete the rest of the questionnaire. It couldn't be any easier!


Credit issues

Compatible region(s): England & Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Your credit rating matters- and you should take careful steps to safeguard it, and repair it if you feel it does not fairly represent your circumstances. This pack contains documents for you to start the… Read more
Price: £49.00

Identity theft recovery

Compatible region(s): England & Wales Northern Ireland
Identify theft is a growing problem in the UK that everyone is susceptible to, and his pack provides a range of documents for dealing with the possibility of identity theft and the damage to your credit… Read more
Price: £49.00


Compatible region(s): England & Wales Northern Ireland
If you are in debt and seeking to put things right, the issue of an official promissory note to your creditors can help in demonstrating your willingness to pay and may, in some circumstances, avert… Read more
Price: £29.00

Assigning and terminating a contract

Compatible region(s): England & Wales
This document will allow the owner of a beneficial interest in property to transfer that interest to one or more people. A person has a beneficial interest in property if they are entitled to the benefit… Read more
Price: £99.00