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Maternity Leave Letters, Paternity Leave and Adoption Leave

NelsonsOnline provides a complete pack of online documents that can help you with your working life, including letters for maternity leave, paternity leave, or adoption leave.

Use these letters to notify your employers of dates you have agreed for maternity leave, paternity leave or adoption leave, as well as to notify changes of start dates, or return dates. It is important that you make this notification in writing, even if you have verbally notified your employer.

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This product is supplied so that you can complete it yourself and has no legal support. Your document will instantly draft itself on screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

Why not try before you buy? Select the document you are interested in from the choices below, answer the straightforward questions and you will see the document being created onscreen. If you like what you see, simply pay the fixed fee and complete the rest of the questionnaire. It couldn't be any easier!



Compatible region(s): England & Wales Northern Ireland
Use this pack to request from your employer that they allow you to work flexibly. Should your request be refused by your employer, this pack can also be used to appeal against a refusal of your… Read more
Price: £29.00
Compatible region(s): England & Wales
This pack contains a range of formal request letters for maternity / paternity and adoption leave for use when applying for time off due to a pregnancy, birth or adoption. It also contains a letter… Read more
Price: £29.00