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Cohabitation & Living Together Agreements

In this section you will find the information and documents you need to make your arrangements for living together.

Although it's not exactly romantic preparing a living together agreement, having one in place can save a great deal of confrontation if things don't work out. Make a start now and see just how easy it is to put these arrangements in place with NelsonsOnline.

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  • Step by step guidance makes cohabitation and living together documents simple and quick to create
  • Expert advice and assistance from a leading law firm
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For our living together agreements, a professional lawyer will review the answers you input to the system, answer any reasonable questions you may have, make any drafting changes required and ensure you receive a document that is suitable for your requirements based on the information you provide. The time we spend on your document is limited but designed to fit most people's needs, should your document require significant extra work, we will provide you with a quote for the additional work.

Why not try before you buy? Select the document you are interested in from the choices below, answer the straightforward questions and you will see the document being created onscreen. If you like what you see, simply pay the fixed fee and complete the rest of the questionnaire. It couldn't be any easier!


Living together

Compatible region(s): England & Wales
This cohabitation agreement protects the interests of an unmarried couple who live together (or plan to) in a home that they rent or which is owned by either or both of them. This agreement regulates… Read more
Price: £299.00
Compatible region(s): England & Wales
Use this document to create a cohabitation agreement to protect the interests of a cohabiting couple who are not married or in a registered civil partnership, and are either already living together or… Read more
Price: £499.00

Change of name deed

Compatible region(s): England & Wales
This document will allow you to change your name by one of two methods - deed poll or statutory declaration. You may have been using your new name for some time, but wish now to formally acknowledge your… Read more
Price from: £9.99
Compatible region(s): England & Wales
You can use this to change the name of your child (i.e. under the age of 18), provided that you have parental responsibility for that child. You can't use this document if there is more than one other… Read more
Price from: £9.99