Online Divorce

If you know you want to get divorced, we offer a choice of ways of helping you through the procedure, according to how much you want to spend and how much support you want.

We offer 2 online divorce services:-

Standard Online Divorce Pack - £199

Our Online Divorce Service provides you with:

  • The complete set of papers that you will need to obtain your divorce
  • Divorce advice through our online Law Guides
  • Online step by step guidance on completing the online divorce papers
  • Your online divorce forms checked by one of our specialist lawyers

Online Divorce Plus - £299

Our Online Divorce Plus Service offers you more hands on support and guidance from your own Divorce Lawyer, including:-

  • The complete set of online divorce papers that you will need to obtain your divorce
  • Online step by step guidance on completing the online divorce forms
  • Telephone support at any stage from one of our specialist family lawyers to help you complete the forms and guide you through the online divorce process from start to finish
  • Access to your lawyer by email and telephone
  • Your online divorce forms checked by one of our specialist lawyers

These Online Divorce Services provide everything you need for an uncontested divorce but cost much less than a traditional face to face service from one of our Divorce Lawyers:-

  • You can rest assured that a professional lawyer will review the answers you input, answer any reasonable questions you may have, make any drafting changes required and ensure you receive a document that is suitable for your requirements based on the information you provide.
  • You may find other Online Divorce Services with cheaper headline prices, but premium rate telephone call charges mean they can cost more than the headlines suggest.

These services apply if you are the one who starts the divorce proceedings - if you want advice on divorce proceedings started by your spouse then please contact us for more information.

In our experience, the vast majority of divorces go through the Courts uncontested - but you won't know this for sure until after your spouse has received the divorce petition and responded to it.

In the unlikely event that your divorce does become contested:-

  • You will need specialist legal advice, which we offer at an hourly rate
  • All of the fee you have paid for the online divorce service will be credited against the cost of further legal advice

Do you have to sort everything out before you can get an Online Divorce?

People often think either:-

  • That they can't get divorced until they have sorted out their financial issues, or
  • That getting divorced automatically concludes financial claims

These are both incorrect - you can deal with all outstanding financial, family and personal issues after your divorce is finalised. In most cases you will need legal advice to make sure your interests in these matters are protected - even if you have agreed with your spouse - so contact us for more information on how we can help you after your online divorce.

You may also be interested in our Pre-nuptials & living together and Wills services.


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