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Resolving your relationship issues

If you are having issues with your partner, we know that this is a difficult and emotional time at which you will need prompt, expert guidance and support from an experienced team of divorce solicitors.

How our divorce solicitors can help

At Nelsons, we have one of the largest teams of specialist family law solicitors in the East Midlands. Our experience ensures that we will give you expert advice about your circumstances, as well as supporting you throughout the divorce process.

To discuss how our specialist family law solicitors in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham can help you with your divorce or separation, please contact us via our online form or call 0800 024 1976.

You may also be interested in our Pre-nuptials & living together and Wills services.


Change of name deed

Compatible region(s): England & Wales
This document will allow you to change your name by one of two methods - deed poll or statutory declaration. You may have been using your new name for some time, but wish now to formally acknowledge your… Read more
Price from: £9.99
Compatible region(s): England & Wales
You can use this to change the name of your child (i.e. under the age of 18), provided that you have parental responsibility for that child. You can't use this document if there is more than one other… Read more
Price from: £9.99