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Flexible working (pack)

Use this pack to request from your employer that they allow you to work flexibly. Should your request be refused by your employer, this pack can also be used to appeal against a refusal of your application under section 80F Employment Rights Act 1996.

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Price: £29.00
This product is supplied so that you can complete it yourself and has no legal support. Your document will instantly draft itself on screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

Included in this service:

Application for flexible working (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to apply to your employer to work flexibly by changing your working pattern. The document will also help you to work out if you qualify for the legal right to make an application for flexible working under the law, such as whether you have worked continuously for your employer for over 26 weeks. If you do not qualify, you can still use this document to ask your employer to change your working pattern, but they will not be legally required to consider your request. This document is suitable for employees who work in the UK. It can also be used by UK agency workers and employee shareholders, as long as they are returning from a period of parental leave.
Flexible working appeal letter (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to appeal against your employer's decision to refuse your application to change your working pattern. It can be used only if, by law, you had a legal right to apply to work flexibly. If you work in Northern Ireland, you have a legal right to make written appeal which must be made within 14 days of receiving your employer's refusal. In England, Wales or Scotland, your employer must comply with to the Acas 'Code of practice for handling requests to work flexibility in a reasonable manner' and give you the opportunity to appeal. This code will be considered by employment tribunals when deciding flexible working claims. Time limits don't apply, but your appeal should be made promptly as the law states that all requests for flexible working, including an appeal, must be dealt with by your employer within 3 months from the day your application is received. This document is suitable for employees who work in the UK. It is also suitable for agency workers or employee shareholders who work in the UK and are returning from a period of parental leave.