Compatible region(s): England & Wales

Medium term lease of commercial premises with rent review

This lease is suitable for a self-contained property located in the UK that will be let for between 7 and 20 years (for properties in England and Wales) or between 5 and 20 years (for properties in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

It can be drafted for a maximum of 2 landlords and 2 tenants, who can be individuals (or sole traders), limited companies, business partnerships or limited liability partnerships.

The lease contains a rent review, an optional break clause and standard obligations from the tenant, such as paying the rent, bills and taxes associated with the property, not transferring the lease without your permission and indemnifying you from various costs. For properties in England and Wales, there is an option to exclude the tenant's right to renew the lease, and the document contains the required notice to send to the tenant.

Law firm managed

Price: £299.00
As part of this service, Nelsons will complete a Limited Review which will include reviewing the answers you input to the system, answering any reasonable questions you may have and making minor changes required to ensure you receive a document that is suitable your requirements based on the answers you gave the system. The time we spend on your document is limited, but designed to fit most people’s needs. Should your document require significant extra work, we will provide you with a quote for the additional work.

Included in this service:

Medium term lease of commercial premises with rent review (Guidance Notes)