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Identity theft recovery (pack)

Identify theft is a growing problem in the UK that everyone is susceptible to, and his pack provides a range of documents for dealing with the possibility of identity theft and the damage to your credit rating that can arise as a result.  It provides templates for you to contact banks and financial institutions to both report suspicious activity on your accounts and to take the steps needed to check your credit rating and put the problem right.
See the individual information associated with each document in this pack for a full description of their use.

Digital only

Price: £49.00
This product is supplied so that you can complete it yourself and has no legal support. Your document will instantly draft itself on screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

Included in this service:

Identity recovery (Guidance Notes)
This is a package of letters that is designed to help a user take appropriate action to correct bad data in their credit files following on from an identity theft. Before using this document you need to use our "Request for credit files" document to produce the letters to credit reference agencies to obtain your Statutory Credit Reports. YOU CANNOT USE THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT YOUR STATUTORY CREDIT REPORTS. In your Statutory Credit Report, there should have been credit agreement(s) in your name which you yourself did not sign, otherwise, you should use the document "Credit rating repair".
Identity theft rejection of liability letter (Guidance Notes)
If your identity has been used fraudulently to create a contract in your name, you can use this letter to reject any liability for that contract and (if applicable) to notify the company involved that you have reported the matter to the police. The letter will seek confirmation that the contract will be cancelled and that no payment will be taken from your bank account in respect of it. The document also seeks further information as to the circumstances in which the contract was made, so that the matter can be investigated further.
Request for credit files (Guidance Notes)
You should use this document to obtain a copy of your Statutory Credit Files to find out if there is incorrect information in your files, whether this is due to identity theft or error. The document will create the 3 letters you need to send to the three main credit reference agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (formerly Callcredit). When you receive your files, you should use our "Credit rating repair" and "Identity recovery" documents, as appropriate, to fix your credit rating.