The ‘My Templates’ page is where you can start to create new legal documents based on the legal templates you have purchased. It is the counterpart to the ‘My Documents’ page, where you can access, monitor and file any of the documents that you have purchased and started work on.

The following functionality is available on the ‘My Templates’ page

Changing the order of the documents displayed: use the ‘order by’ functionality in the top right of the page to order your documents either

Show Service details: use the ‘Show all/ hide all’ Function on the top right of the page to show or hide full details on how many documents you can create form each of the templates you have bought, and how many times these can be sent for legal review

Starting a new document: click on the document title or on the ‘start document’ button; to create a new document based on this template. If you save the document, it will then appear in your ‘My Documents’ page

Can’t start a new version of a document? When you purchase a service through nelsonsonline, you are buying a combination of document templates and (in some service levels) a legal review of those templates to a set limit that is explained at the point of purchase. If you have already ‘used up’ either the number of documents you can create from a template you have purchased, or all the legal reviews associated with that document, then you will see that some templates are unavailable to you. The statuses you will to see under these circumstances are: