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Why choose us?

We have read opinions, surveys and feedback and although it may not surprise you, it seems that until now, law firms generally haven't given the levels of access and transparency of billing that their clients would like to see.

We've been working really hard to change that experience. Read on and see if you agree whether we've got it right.

You Want... We Provide...
To know exactly how much your matter will cost with no hidden fees A lower fixed fee for all our document services started on the Web
To save money but still have the comfort of receiving advice and support from a trusted law firm All the expert advice, assistance and legal tailoring you'd expect from a leading regional law firm, included in our lower fixed fees
Easy access to get started, and to manage your services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week A service that uses all the best of the Web, so the documents that you buy are simple and quick to complete and permanently accessible
To be able to visit and discuss a matter with your Solicitor face-to-face if desired and escalate a legal issue from the Web to in-office Expert Solicitors and support staff in offices that you can visit; the documents you start online can be moved in-office at any time you wish