What is health and safety all about?

It's about preventing people from being harmed or becoming ill at work. You can do this by taking the right precautions and providing a satisfactory working environment. Under health and safety rules, you must protect yourself and others, including members of the public, from workplace dangers.

Whom do health and safety laws apply to?

They apply to all businesses.

Who enforces health and safety law?

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE, and HSENI in Northern Ireland) or your local authority.

Do I need to register my business with the HSE or HSENI?

No, but depending on the nature of your business, you may have to register and/or submit forms to the HSE or HSENI and/or the local authority/local council.

Do I need employers' liability insurance?

Yes, if you employ anyone. You must also display the certificate.

Do I need to display anything?

Yes, the health and safety law poster if you employ anyone.

Do I have to report injuries and incidents at work?