Step 5: Keep assessment under review

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  • Fire risk compliance review
    Compatible region(s): England & Wales Scotland Northern Ireland


You should regularly monitor preventative and protective measures to see how effective they are in controlling risks.

You'll need to review your fire risk assessment and change it if there have been any changes that could affect your fire precautions.

When to review

You should consider reviewing your fire risk assessment if:

  • Changes are made to work processes, e.g. bringing in new equipment
  • There is a significant increase in the number of staff or disabled staff
  • Changes are made to the building, including the internal layout
  • There are significant changes to quantities of combustible stock
  • Hazardous substances are introduced, changed or increased in quantity
  • Fire precautions fail, such as fire-detection systems
  • Substantial changes are made to the fixtures and furniture
  • A fire has occurred