Administrative matters



The designated members of the limited liability partnership (LLP) are responsible for delivering documents to and receiving documents from Companies House on behalf of the LLP. For example, whenever new members are appointed or members leave the LLP, the designated members must tell Companies House. The designated members also:

  • appoint an auditor where this is needed;
  • sign and deliver the LLP accounts;
  • prepare, sign and deliver the LLP's confirmation statement to Companies House; and
  • act on behalf of the LLP if it's wound up.

Keeping a register

The LLP must keep a register of members at its registered office (or at an alternative location that Companies House knows about) with the personal details. These details include an address for service of any documents on the members, whether individuals or companies. There must be a separate register of members' residential addresses for all the members who are individuals. A register of debenture holders and register of charges should also be kept if there are any LLP debentures or charges (see Debentures for more information on what these are). LLPs may elect to keep a central register of members at Companies House instead of a register at the registered office, but must ensure it is updated as soon as changes are made.